24 Best Children’S Books About Seasons Update 05/2022

You want to teach your kids about winter, spring, summer, and fall. Good news: I’ve put together a list of picture books about the seasons to help you learn.

It has five sections: books about the seasons and books about winter, spring, summer, and fall. Each section is broken down into a number of books. Check it out:

Children’s Books About Seasons

Outside Your Window: A First Book of Nature

This beautiful book looks at nature through the seasons and includes poetry and facts in a way that is both beautiful and interesting. You should read this book. It is one of our favorite nature books.

Drawn from Nature

Drawing from Nature is another one of our favorite nature books. It is a look at nature season-by-season, and we love it. It’s very good at capturing the colors and personality of each season because all of the art was made from natural things like flower petals, ferns, or grass.

Sky Tree

An oak tree grows on the hillside and Sky Tree starts with that tree on a nice summer day. As each season goes by, the tree changes. With each beautiful painting, artist Thomas Locker shows how the sky, trees, and landscape change as time goes on in beautiful ways. At the end of the book, there are questions to help you make the most of each stage and season.

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter

There is a lot to celebrate when one season ends and the next one starts. Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter is like that. Take a walk through the woods in autumn, and then look at the simple white of the first snow in this one.

Crinkleroot’s Nature Almanac

This book about the seasons is a favorite of my kids. In Crinkleroot’s Nature Almanac, we meet Crinkleroot, a man who was born in a tree and raised by bees. He invites kids to go on a forest tour with him and look at the sights and sounds that change as the year goes on.

Watching the Seasons

Watching the Seasons is a good choice if you’re looking for nonfiction books for kids about the seasons. It’s good for kids between the ages of 4 and 6 and comes with a glossary and suggestions for more learning.

The Year at Maple Tree Farm

Each month, the Year at Maple Tree Farm shows how a farm changes over time.

Children’s Books About Winter

The Snowy Nap

This new book from Jan Brett talks about hibernation through the eyes of Hedgie, a cute hedgehog who doesn’t want to hibernate through the winter. Sweet picture book: It’s just what you’d expect from Jan Brett.

Over and Under the Snow

Over and Under the Snow is one of Kate Messner’s Over and Under books. It looks at everything that happens above and below the surface of the world around us. This time, she gives us a look at the animals that live under the snow. She shows us red squirrels, shrews, white-tailed deer, deer mice, and a lot of other things.

Animals in Winter

Animals in Winter is a book for kids that talks about how animals deal with the cold in the winter. It was recently checked out from our library, and we found it to be very interesting and full of useful facts.

Sizing Up Winter

This book was found at the library a few weeks ago, and we both thought it was great. It shows how math skills can be used to compare and contrast natural parts of winter.

When Winter Comes

Winter is a beautiful picture book that shows how animals, plants, birds, and fish react to the first snowfall of the year. When Winter Comes is one of my favorite books of the year.

The Story of Snow

There is a lot to learn about how snow works in Mark Cassino’s book, The Story of Snow. It answers questions about snow, shows detailed photos, and gives advice on how to get snowflakes in your hands.

In the Snow: Who’s Been Here?

Loved it! As siblings, they go for a walk in woods, find animal tracks, and try to figure out who’s been in the space before them.

Sleep Tight Farm: A Farm Prepares for Winter

Sleep Tight Farm is a picture book about farm life that I enjoy very much. Family: This one is about the work they do to get ready for the farm’s sleepy season.

Children’s Books About Spring

Spring Is Here!

As soon as the weather gets warmer, how do you celebrate spring? Spring Is Here! is a book by Heidi Pross Gray, who is a homeschool mom. She shows the fun things that happen in the spring, like nature scenes, playing outside, and garden goods.

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb is a fun way to explain a common phrase about spring.

Spring Walk

Seasonal Walks is one of my favorite TV shows. When you read Spring Walk, you learn about one of the most beautiful things about the season: flowers! This book shows you how to plant flowers and make bouquets. It also shows you how to put them together.

Sorting Through Spring

Patterns, rhythms, and sorting are all things that are talked about in Sorting Through Spring. These things could be used in the scenes of spring.

And Then It’s Spring

This is a cute story about a boy who wants to plant a garden and wait for spring and growth.

Spectacular Spring

A book about the seasons by Bruce Goldstone, Spectacular Spring is filled with eye-catching photos and explanations that help kids get ready for spring. It also has ideas for crafts.

It’s Spring

This book is a fun way to learn about the animals, plants, weather, color, and feelings that come with spring. It has descriptive words and cut-out illustrations.

A New Beginning: Celebrating the Spring Equinox

In A New Beginning, you can learn more about the spring equinox. There are craft ideas and recipes for spring holidays in the book. It shows how the seasons change in an easy-to-understand way.

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