10 Best Children’s Books About Sharing Update 05/2022

Children's Books About Sharing

“That’s mine! 🙂 “I played with that!” These might be some of your toddler’s favorite words right now. toddlers don’t understand why they should let someone else play with their toy. Find books that show how sharing can be fun or at least keep them out of the naughty corner. When kids share their toys, other kids are more likely to share with them in return.

Llama Llama Time to Share

Llama Llama Time to Share

She doesn’t like it when her mom invites the new neighbors over to hang out. Make yourself at home: Nelly Gnu and her little brother play with all of Llama’s toys. When Llamas favorite toy, a fuzzy llama, comes out, Nelly starts to play with it right away. It starts with both of them pulling on an arm. Finally, the arm comes right off. Because my mom knows how to fix it. It was the end of the day, but Llama made a new friend and learned that it is better to share a toy than have a broken one.

Norris The Bear Who Shared

Norris The Bear Who Shared shows kids how to share in a unique way. Following a bear, this story is about him waiting for the last fruit on the tree to ripen and fall to the ground. He can then enjoy it. As a surprise, there are also two other animals waiting for the bear in the forest. Because he wants to make new friends, the bear decides to give the fruit away when it is ready. This story will teach kids how to be patient and how to be a good friend, too.

Should I Share My Ice Cream?

There is a lot to decide for the elephant. His best friend Piggie wants to have some of the ice cream. Is it okay for him to share? He thinks about this decision a lot during the book. Once he makes his decision, he ends up giving it up. When Piggie walks up, he doesn’t know what to think. She has some ice cream of her own. Piggie shares the ice cream with Elephant because he was going to be kind and share his with her. This book will show kids that if they are kind to other people, other people will be kind to them back.

Emily’s Sharing and Caring Book

This book by Emily is all about how to be polite when you share things with your friends. It can make someone’s day if you share with them. In this book, your kids are going to laugh and learn at the same time. A lot of kids will enjoy the bright and colorful pictures because they are easy for them to see.

Sharing Time

Sharing Time

Sharing Time is a very cute story that teaches kids that sharing can be more fun than not sharing at all. For kids who don’t understand why they need to share, this is a good book. Giving makes people happy, which will make the kids happy, too. This book talks about how there are a few different ways to share toys. The choices are to play with the toy together, have a turn, or wait for another time. It can be hard to share with other people, but the author, Elizabeth Verdick, knows that. She tells you where you can go when it gets hard to share.

I Can Share!

I Can Share is a cute book that talks about the importance of giving and how to do it. Young kids will love this book because there aren’t many words on each page. Each page has a different problem about sharing, and then different characters will come up with a way to solve the problem. It’s a good way to teach kids how to solve problems on their own when they happen. It’s short, but it gets right to the point: Playing with others is more fun than playing alone and being selfish and being selfish.

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Share

The Boy Who Won’t Share is a fun, rhyming book about a little boy named Edward called Edward. He had a lot of toys, but he wouldn’t let his little sister Claire play with any of them. During this story, you see him stack all of the toys so that she couldn’t play with them. Claire gets all the fudge from their mom because she couldn’t see Edward in the pile of toys. Because Claire was nice and helped Edward out, he had a change of heart. Toys: He learned that it’s nice to share them with Claire so that she will share them with him.

Pie Is for Sharing

Pie Is for Sharing

The book Pie Is for Sharing is written by Stephanie Parsley Ledyard and illustrated by Jason Chin. It’s a great book for kids. They are cutting up a pie for everyone to share at the start of the book. Every day, you see them share a book, a ball, and of course the nature around them. Nature is always better when it is shared with other people, so it is always the best. Toward the end, they share a blanket and watch fireworks together. They also have another pie. There aren’t many words in this book, which is great because the pictures are beautiful and will show how happy these kids are sharing their things all day.

Groovy Joe: Ice Cream & Dinosaurs

It tastes so good that Groovy Joe starts to sing. When you least expect it, a dinosaur bursts into the room and starts eating ice cream with a spoon. Groovy Joe knows that it’s important to share, so he lets the dinosaur eat the food that he has. They start singing about how much they love the ice cream next. This is how the story ends: Groovy Joe and the first dinosaur eat doggy ice cream with two more dinosaurs at the end. All of them yell that it’s important to share. Then they start singing and dancing around, singing and dancing about how much they love their dog ice cream. This is a great story for kids who are just learning about how important it is to share. It’s a lot of fun, and the illustrations are very colorful.

That’s (Not) Mine

That’s right (Not) Anna Kang wrote the second book in the series. Mine is the second book in the series. For kids who are 2 and up, this book is great because the text is very simple and easy to read. Pictures in this book change as the story goes on, which makes it easier for the message of the book to be spread across. The book tells the story of two friends who fight over a cozy chair. To figure out who the chair belongs to, they fight and push each other. At the end of the story, the two friends come up with the best way to solve the problem. How can they figure out what belongs to them and what belongs to someone else? This book will start the conversation about how to figure that out for them.

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