7 Best Christian Books For Couples Update 05/2022

Many books have been written about relationships and marriage. They’re not all worth your time. Which are they? If you want to find the best marriage books for couples, I’ve made it easy for you by putting together a list of 15 great books.

What makes a good book about marriage? I think that the best books about marriage are realistic and practical, have real and encouraging stories, and focus on making a marriage that works. These books also match my 10 rules for a happy marriage. Is there anything that can help you improve your marriage or create a better one? It’s great that you looked for the best relationship advice for couples! That’s great, and it shows a lot about what you’re willing to do for this important relationship. I’m sure you’ll find something useful here. On this list of books about marriage and relationships, I haven’t read all of them. I’ve read a lot of them, though (and we aim to complete the rest in time). As for books I haven’t read, they’ll be written by people I can trust, books that have been recommended by friends or trusted sources, and those that have been highly rated over and over again.

I’ve also included a mix of general non-religious marriage books as well as a few books about marriage that are religious. Even if you don’t think of yourself as religious, you might want to check out some of the Christian relationship books on this list. I personally like some of them, and they give good advice that could work for any marriage. Ready to start? They’re some of the books you should read if you want to be a better husband or wife.

Fantastic Marriage Books for Couples

The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller

This is one of my favorite books about marriage. We read this book when we were engaged, and it was very important to us as we planned our wedding and our marriage. People who read this book say that it’s “a Bible-based look at why God made us married.” It also talks about what it means for people who are single or married. You don’t have to be married to read this book. It’s one of the best Christian relationship books for single people as well.

People who are well-known pastors write books about marriage. This one was written by Tim Keller and his wife, Kathy. It talks about how to deal with marriage’s problems with God’s help. Together, they wrote a book that talks about the meaning and purpose of marriage, with a focus on Christ. Love this book? There’s a good chance that you will, too.

How to Be an Adult in Relationships by David Richo

I can’t say enough good things about this book. After having a hard time with our relationship, we both read this book together. A good book came at a good time in our lives together. In this book, we were not yet married. I think it helped us move toward a healthy marriage. People who read this book think it’s very interesting and sometimes beautiful. It’s written in very rich and sometimes beautiful language. I think it’s a book that should be read slowly and pondered over a long time. The wisdom in it is very good. The book is based on a lot of mindfulness and Buddhist ideas. It talks about how to become more loving and generous. Richo shows that each of us brings our own problems to our relationships, and he shows them how to fix them by being aware of what they look like. If you’re stressed out about your relationships, this book was a big help for me. I know Nathan, who read it, also got a lot out of it.

If you want to learn how to be an adult in relationships, this book is a great title: The Five Keys to Mindful Loving. It shows us how to take responsibility for our own actions and feelings. A lot of the exercises in this book are things you can do with your partner or on your own. This is one of the best marriage books for couples that we’ve seen so far. Here are 7 things people who are in a good relationship don’t do.

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

It’s very likely that you’ve heard of one of the best relationship books out there already. “The 5 Love Languages,” by Gary Chapman, was one of the best-selling marriage books of all time. It was written in the 1990s, and is still one of the best-selling.

This book first came up with the idea of five different love languages, which are different ways that people feel love. In order to learn more about your own love language as well as that of your partner, you both need to take the quiz and read the book. With practical advice, you’ll learn how to give and receive love better, and how to show your partner how you want to be loved. If you want to read our summary of the five types of love, click here. There’s a reason this book was so important. This could be a big change in your marriage if you learn to really understand these simple ideas.

Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson

Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love is written by Dr. Sue Johnson, a clinical psychologist and the person who came up with Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. She is the author of the book. People have attachment needs for closeness and safety, and when these aren’t met in a relationship, it can cause a lot of trouble. This is the premise of the book. Because Hold Me Tight isn’t like other couples therapists, it looks at things from a different angle.

Reading this book saved our 26-year marriage, which says a lot about how good this book is at what it does. This book might be best if you work with a therapist to help you apply the ideas to your marriage while you read it.

Why Marriages Succeed or Fail by John Gottman

John Gottman is a well-known name in the world of romance. The psychologist and founder of the Gottman Institute has been studying relationships for a long time. He has written more than a dozen books about what he has learned about them. You should read this book, “Why Marriages Succeed or Fail: And How You Can Make Yours Last.” It will help you understand how to keep your marriage from ending. It’s one of the most well-known marriage self-help books out there. This 1995 book lays out the relationship patterns that have been shown to cause marriages to break up. Not only will Gottman help you recognize the patterns, he’ll show you how to deal with them in a healthy way.

A lot of people who write reviews on Amazon say that this book helped them save their marriage. It looks like this book, which was written 24 years ago, still has a lot to say to couples today.

We by Robert Johnson

We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love is a little different from the other books on this list. It talks about how people think about love and how they act. By telling the story of Tristan and Iseult, Johnson uses myth as a way to explain romantic and divine love. He also shows us where we might have gotten it wrong.

The book is a little academic, but it also has poetic parts and Jungian psychological parts. They say this book “is a commentary on the struggle we all face as humans, having a world of ideals and images and fantasies inside of us while living in a world that is full of difficulties.”

First Comes Marriage by Reva Seth

Here’s another book that turns marriage help books on their head. We see how a marriage might be different if it started with a different kind of start: one that was planned.

You should read First Comes Marriage: Modern Relationship Advice from the Wisdom of Arranged Marriages to learn about how to find a partner and make your relationship work. To show how important it is to find someone who will make you happy, Seth looks at the results of arranged marriages. This interesting book is a good read for both married people and single people.

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