11 Best Christmas Books For Kids Update 05/2022

“Snowman’s Song”

They’re calling this a true “Christmas miracle.”
In the middle of a snowy hill outside town, a little girl finds a sad snowman who has always wanted to be able to sing.

Because of a simple act of gratitude and compassion, the little girl makes the Snowman’s life-long dream come true. This story helps young people remember the true meaning of Christmas.
“You see, instead of the gifts we get, the most important gifts are those of selflessness and kindness.

“The Lights in the Church”

If you want to give your child a perfect Christmas story, you can do that!

If you get lost in the park, you might find a church in the forest. As they get closer, the doors won’t open, but as hymns are played, the stained glass windows come to life. This is an amazing thing to see! It’s a story about two kids who love and care for each other. They see some of Jesus Christ’s most famous miracles and learn from each other.

“Secret Santa”

This holiday season, teach your kids about the true joy of giving.

This adorable, rhyming, and beautiful book is a unique and sweet way to celebrate Christmas. It’s important for kids to know that the holidays are all about giving and sharing. This helps them learn important lessons about gratitude, empathy, and generosity. Every child who reads it will want to join Santa’s secret team and spread holiday cheer around the world. For many years to come, Secret Santas is going to be a favorite in your family.

“A Right Royal Sprout”

On Christmas Eve, a brave little sprout is here to help. Following his escape from the palace kitchen, Ralphie sets out on a journey to show that even the smallest of us can make a difference. He takes Ralfie with him to deliver the gifts before Christmas Day, and he calls him “Royal Sprout,” which means he’s the best sprout. When you read “A Right Royal Sprout,” your child will love it, remember it, and learn important lessons from it.

“Super Tiny Ghost: A Merry Christmas Surprise”

The best Christmas gift this year!

On Thanksgiving, the Super Tiny Ghost found a family. He is so happy to spend his first Christmas with them!

They decorate their tree in the spirit of Halloween, and he learns that Christmas is all about spending time with your family and caring for other people.

“If I Were Your Angel”

Show your kids how much you care about them!

Sometimes it’s hard to say the things that are most important. Often, we don’t think about how much a simple “I love you” means to a child. Why did the author of this beautiful book put together a list of words that every child would be happy to hear? Because this book is so well-written and illustrated. Make this book for your child this Christmas and show them how much you love them.

“God’s Gifts”

Learn about how many and kind God’s creations are!

God’s Gifts is about a little girl who learns about how the world was made from her Grandma, and why it’s so important to be grateful for all that God has done. This thoughtful poem is written in a way that kids can understand. It talks about how God made the world and how we can enjoy his gifts today. It is very important that children learn about how important it is to take care of the beautiful world that God made just for us when they are young. During bedtime or any other time, God’s Gifts is a great book to help kids connect with the world around them. It’s sure to become a family favorite.

“The Yeti is Ready”

Find out how important it is to keep going during the holidays with Yeti!

Several thousand feet above sea level, there is a lonely Yeti. She has a lot of white fur and a big heart. She likes to cook, watch movies, sing, and play games, but she never has anyone to play with. People and their friends should come over to her house for a party. Go to the end of the path on the mountain if you want to have fun or meet someone new. A Yeti lives alone there. And she’ll make you feel at home in her snow-covered house, as well. Because the Yeti is ready, the fun has just begun. So pack up your gear and go slow and steady.

“Mich & Moose”

It’s a fun way to keep kids entertained on a snow day.

Mich and Moose love snowy winter mornings, but Spinner the Spider doesn’t like them very much. This is why: Spider-webs don’t stick to snow and ice. Mich and Moose are going on a fun trip to help Spinner the Spider find a place where her web will actually stay down. This book is sure to make your little kids laugh. This book is easy to read, and it can also help kids as they start to learn bigger words.

“Seasons of Life”

This book is so beautiful that you will fall in love with Jesus and the best stories ever told.

Every time we go to the park with this family, they tell us about their favorite stories about Jesus. During this book, you will learn about the stories behind Christmas. It then moves through the seasons and ends in the fall, with wonderful Bible stories being told along the way. When we walk with Christ, we teach kids of all ages what true Christian love is, and how they can best honor and respect God’s plans. Awe-inspiring illustrations, clear explanations, and a charming rhyming cadence make this book a great way to introduce kids to Jesus, so they can start the most important relationship of their lives with him.

Little Blue Truck’s Christmas By Alice Schertle

It’s likely that if you have a young child at home, you already know and have memorized The Little Blue Truck. With a festive Christmas theme and the same lively, sing-along verse, this version of the little kid favorite is sure to put your child in the holiday spirit.

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