10 Best Devotional Books For Men Update 05/2022

Devotional Books For Men

During their walk with Christ, men must always be strong. Keep in mind that God will always be there to help you and be with you through all of life’s adventures.

When things get hard, don’t worry, because you can always get the help you need from Christ in you. Your men’s bible should be read daily. But sometimes you need a men’s devotional to get your day off to a good start.

These are the best devotionals for men to help serve as daily encouragement in your Christian journey.

Devotions for the Man in the Mirror: 75 Readings to Cultivate a Deeper Walk with Christ

Devotions for the Man in the Mirror 75 Readings to Cultivate a Deeper Walk with Christ

Hardcover Book

Morley, Patrick (Author)

English (Publication Language)

This book has 75 short readings that talk about the different things that men have to deal with every single day. A lot of people have problems with their families, their jobs and even their relationships. The author knows this, and he or she wants to help you.

Because of this, he wants you to start a new relationship with the person who is most important to you, Jesus Christ. If you read this devotional, you will be sure to find out who you really are. During the same time, it can help you keep God’s promise.

The One Year Devotions for Men

Briscoe, Stuart (Author)

In English (Publication Language)

Tyndale Momentum has 400 pages and was released on October 1, 2001. (Publisher)

These devotionals are good for every day of the year. There are 365 in this book that are good for each day. A devotional reading and a suggested Bible passage will be available to you every day. If you want to do more research for the time, you can choose from one of these.

Because these devotions are so short and easy to read, they are the best thing of all. Each one only takes about two minutes a day to do, so it doesn’t take long at all. Men who are always short on time should read this book.

It’s a good place to start if you want to improve your Christian reading habits.

The One Year Daily Moments of Strength: Inspiration for Men

English (Publication Language)

It has 384 pages and was released on March 10, 2017 by Tyndale Momentum (Publisher)

God is a great source of strength when things are hard and difficult. This devotional will help you learn how to live well and be strong for everyone around you.

If you want to spend some of your time with God in an intimate way, this is an invitation for you to do that. It’s important to have faith in the all-powerful God. Let the pages of this book help. Remember that trusting God is very important for your success.

Once-A-Day: Devotional for Men

Once-A-Day Devotional for Men

Zondervan (Author)

In English (Publication Language)

384 Pages – April 3, 2012 (Publication Date) – Zondervan is a place where you can learn more about God and how (Publisher)

This devotional has 365 daily readings that are just for men. Author: The author did a great job of delivering the Bible verse and devotional in a way that makes it easy to read.

At the same time, it can also make you want to look at more possibilities in this life. Will give you hope for new starts and chances to start over again.

One Minute Alone with God for Men

Hardcover Book

Barnes: Bob, I’m here (Author)

In English (Publication Language)

This is another one that is said to be one of the best men’s devotionals out there! When men have some alone time with God, it encourages them to do that more often In the most beautiful part, you only need one minute. This is it! It only took 60 seconds.

This devotional is full of wisdom, advice, and inspiration. While you should spend more time with the Lord, this short devotional lets you get to the point quickly. It will also show you how important it is to live a life that is full of honor and integrity.

The Deer Stand Devotional: A Walk with the Creator Through Hunting Season

Futrell, Aaron B (Author)

In English (Publication Language)

There are 171 pages and the book will be out on December 5, 2020. It was written and published by itself (Publisher)

It is a great book for men who want to read devotionals that are inspirational and encouraging, but also challenge them. Written by Aaron B. Futrell, this eight-week study is only for deer hunters. To be more like Christ in your daily life and while you are sitting in the deer stand, this will make a difference. It starts with a Bible verse and then a short lesson about hunting. The lesson is followed by a few questions for you to think about and answer, and then there is a short prayer to finish the daily devotional.

No More Excuses: A 90-Day Devotional for Men

No More Excuses A 90-Day Devotional for Men

Hardcover Book

Evans, Tony (Author)

In English (Publication Language)

In this 90-day book, you will learn how to be a man of God every single day. You can start a new habit of spending time with God each day by reading these short devotionals that include a scripture verse, a short piece of devotional content, and questions for you to think about and answer. It can help you get over challenges and obstacles that might be getting in the way of your spiritual growth. Learn how to grow spiritually and become more like God, as well as how to lead with godliness and strength, from men in the Bible.

Stand Strong: 365 Devotions for Men by Men: Deluxe Edition

A hardcover book is a book

In English (Publication Language)

It has 384 pages and will be out in October 2020. Our Daily Bread Publishing made it (Publisher)

There are many great gifts you can give a man in your life. This deluxe edition devotion is one of them. If you buy this book, you get a whole year of devotions written by men for other men. Besides the devotions, the book has space for study notes, prayer requests and to-do lists, as well as space for anything else you might need to write down.

In this devotional for men, you’ll find ideas that will help you grow in the Lord and build a strong foundation for your life. When life throws you a curve ball, get the strength you need from God.

Strength in Faith Devotional: A 52-Week Inspirational Book for Men

Robertson, Brandan (Author)

In English (Publication Language)

Published on September 22, 2020 by Rockridge Press, this book has 188 pages (Publisher)

Here is another one of those devotionals for men that gives you a whole year of devotionals to read. Powerful lessons are great for even the busiest person. With this devotional, you will be able to find time to sit down and read the Bible.

The weekly devotions start with a scripture and then a short piece of writing. forgiveness, servant leadership, making peace, the comparison trap, relationships at home and at work are just some of the things you will find in this book. It even has space for you to write notes that can help you get more out of the devotions and build your faith.

Dugout Devotions: Inspirational Hits from MLB’s Best

Duduit, Del (Author)

In English (Publication Language)

160 pages – 02/25/2019 – Iron Stream Books (Publisher)

If you’re a fan of baseball, this devotional is for you. It has a lot of information that you can relate to, which makes each devotion interesting and inspiring so that it can have a bigger impact on your life. In the Dugout Devotions, you will love good games if you like good games.

Look at how some Major League Baseball players have done both on and off the field in this devotional. You will also read some of their stories about how they live out their faith and how they serve God. This is a great way to change some of the bad stories we have heard about athletes.

If you want to get that spiritual grand slam that you’ve been looking for, use these daily devotionals for men to get it.

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