11 Best Flap Books For Toddlers Update 05/2022

One way to play hide and seek is to read books with flaps. Lift the flap books are based on this game. I think the books were always going to be a hit because of how excited my daughter gets when she plays. Our toddlers love the sense of surprise they get when they turn the pages and find the next flap to open to see what is inside. The little ones don’t seem to get excited even when they open each flap for the hundredth time. Because I can’t say for sure that this level of excitement will still be there for us moms! They’re good for both babies who can see how to use the book and toddlers who can get in on the fun and see what they can find in each book. I think that mummies should keep an eye on their kids while they read these books, especially if they are younger. In the past, I have found parts missing and chewed up like a puppy.

When my daughter saw what was under each flap, she just couldn’t stand it. As well as being fun to play with, these interactive books are great for your toddlers to improve their fine motor skills. The younger toddlers can use the books to learn some new words, and the older toddlers can use them to improve their speech and imagination.

Spot’s Birthday Party By Eric Hill

It’s a different version of the Where’s Spot book, and Spot the dog is having a lot of fun running around the house looking for his animal friends and hiding.

As a child, I used to love the Spot books. Now I can read them with my 15-month-old. These books are great for teaching our kids adverbs like “behind,” “on,” “in,” and more, while also giving them a visual example with the images on each page, so they can see how these words work.

First 101 Words By Highlights Learning

In this book, there are a lot of colors that are very different from each other. There are a lot of pictures for our toddlers to look at while their mom talks about all the new words. They can also help you find the flap on the pages that opens up to show a short, simple sentence to read out. This will help them get more excited about the book. The older toddlers may be able to answer some of the sentences and questions after some time with this book.

Oh Dear! A Farm By Rod Campbell

Because we all like a lot of farm animal stories, we can play along and do our best animal voices. This lift the flap book is a lot of fun to read as the animals look for eggs in the barnyard for their breakfast. Our little readers will be able to remember and say the names of the animals behind each flap before we even open them!

Playtown By Roger Priddy

Playtown is a good lift the flap book for older toddlers because there are more complex images and more advanced words for them to learn from the book. However, there’s no harm in buying this book a little early and giving it to our friends who are interested. I’m drawn to this book right away because it has a fun front cover that looks like a rainbow.

Never judge a book by its cover. In this case, how can you not?

Many other books in this range are also very interesting, like:




This is a game called Playtime Peekaboo that was made by DK. There are a lot of books like peekaboo in this DK book range for you to choose from. Playtime Peekaboo is also a book that you can touch and feel. They love to touch everything that their little fingers can reach, as you can see. I think this would be great for a story time that is sensory. We like this book because it has a lot of flaps that are easy for our kids to open. Other books that are cute in this range:

Peek-a-boo at night

Peek-a-boo: This is what a baby says.

Peek-a-boo in the farm

Baby’s Box Of Fun By Karen Katz

Lift the flap books are a great way to teach our kids about parts of the body. There are three books in this set. It will help our toddlers copy us if we read these books over and over again. They will also point out which parts of their bodies are shown in the book.

My daughter has a lot of fun showing me where her ears are. As a good friend, she also likes to find mummy’s ears and pull them, which makes her happy. This is a good thing, so I’m looking for the positives and focusing on her accomplishments rather than those cheeky tugs on the ears that she does.

Shark In The Park By Nick Sharratt

They love this book because it has a bright cover and a lovely ending.

Love making our own telescope out of a toilet paper roll to look for the shark’s fin.

Must have for your lift the flap collections, say us!

Babies Love Numbers By Cottage Door Press

Another book that is strong enough for our little ones to play with. It can be used as a first numbers book that’s fun for kids. Babies Love Numbers You and your little one can count the different animals and lift the flap to see what’s inside. She should point and help me count on each page, but I also try to describe each animal. We can help our future readers learn basic and early language by reading the Babies Love books. They help us teach them how to tell us stories. There are other Babies Love Books that I’ve found that would be just as good for learning, like:
It’s a good thing that babies like to look at different kinds of things Babies love things that are different. Babies like things that move. A puppy is a pet that is loved by babies

4 Chunky Lift A Flap Board Books: Little Red Barn, Little Yellow Bee, Little Blue Boat, Little Green Frog By Cottage Door Press & Ginger Swift

They are my favorite thing about these books because of the pictures that appear on every single page. There are a lot of things you can talk about and point out when you’re using them. Each book is set outside, like at the ocean or at the pond, which is great for our kids to see.

Zoom Zoom Baby By Karen Katz

Help us try to find the cheeky little baby in all the different types of transportation that are out there. Make your own noises for each of the cars, or practice yours for each one. Then, see how long it takes for your toddlers to start laughing at the weird noises they are hearing. The bad news is that they are probably laughing at us and thinking we are crazy.

Baby Einstein Circles And Squares By Scarlett Wing & Cottage Door Press

I love the Baby Einstein books and toys so much. I love how the pages are so bright and the pictures they use are so cute. Inside the book, there are questions that are based on what can be seen, which of course can be used when our kids are bigger. As long as mummy is around, she can ask questions and explain what we are looking for to the kids who are watching us. A great book for everyone to play with!

Where’s The Duck? by Nosy Crow

A simple peek-a-boo book that still works!

Felt flaps on these books give them a touch and feel that could be used even by babies. For our bookworms, the felt makes it a little bit easier to find the flaps in their books. They have lots of other animals, so it will be easy to find your favorite one. I chose the duck because my daughter and I always look for ducks outside our window because we live near a river.

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