8 Best Inspiring Books For Kids Update 05/2022

Inspiring Books For Kids

To be a child, I always looked forward to “story time.” This is because I thought it was fun. Quickly, the hand that gently lifted the cover of the book would move quickly. Then, a magical portal would appear in front of me.

You might see me leaving a little sugar on the windowsill for fairies to munch on when they come over. There are a lot of superhero comics on my nightstand. If there were more of them, I’d spend hours waiting for one of them to come down and save me from the things that a bored seven-year-old has to deal with.

Superheroes were all around me as I grew up, and I started to see them all the time. One example is the woman who only saw her kids for a few hours a day because she was busy taking care of homeless kids who didn’t have a place to sleep. In the past, I had to look up at the sky in order to be inspired. Now, I just look around.

Children should learn early on that heroes don’t have to wait for a radioactive insect to bite them in order to save the world. If they knew that they could meet real-life icons and even become one of them, would they be excited?

As a parent, you can teach your children about people who make a difference by reading inspirational books for kids. Through these books, they don’t just learn about people who have made a difference in history. They get to live their lives with them.

When your dadi talked about icons who worked hard to make our lives better, you would spend hours listening to him. Now, you can listen to them instead. So get ready for a virtual shopping spree, and stock up on our favorite books for kids.

Inspiring books for kids to make story time fun, and educational

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be… by Tweak Books

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be… by Tweak Books

A lot of Indian kids will give you names of people who have made their country proud, like Mahatma Gandhi or Sachin Tendulkar, if you ask them to name them. We’d like to introduce a few new members to this group of people who are truly great.

This is a collection of stories about people who live near you, like your next-door neighbor who also led the world’s largest beach clean-up drive, or the sweet grandmother in the village who saved hundreds of girls from witch-hunters. One that isn’t like anything you read when you were a child.

They tell you about how they overcame problems in a way that’s easy for kids to understand but vivid enough for you to enjoy story time, too.

This is one where a girl can easily break the record set by Sachin Tendulkar.

Fauja Singh Keeps Going by Simran Jeet Singh

Fauja Singh is a fascinating story that will get your kids moving. Baljinder Kaur’s illustrations make the story come to life.

Singh was 100 years old when he ran a marathon in 2011. He was the oldest person to do so at the time.

Until then, Singh had never run. People are amazed because when he was born, doctors didn’t think he would be able to walk.

Before, Singh’s legs made him the target of a lot of attention in school because they were so long. He used them to reach the biggest goal of his life. This book will give your child a little hope and show them that it’s never too late to follow their dreams.

A Is for Awesome! by Eva Chen

Don’t you think that feminism should be easy for kids to learn like A, B and C?

Illustrator Derek Desierto came up with a unique alphabet book for Eva Chen, a children’s author and Instagram’s director of fashion partnerships. The book is called “The Alphabet Book.”

You get to teach your child the alphabet and show them 23 women who changed the world.

Amelia Earhart, Malala Yousafzai, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be in your baby’s first-ever classroom.

The Boy Who Dreamed of Infinity by Amy Alznauer

The Boy Who Dreamed of Infinity by Amy Alznauer

A lot of adults still have nightmares about forgetting their tables when they show up for a maths test.

But your kids don’t have to be the same. Before they want to dress up as numbers for Halloween because they’re afraid of math, show them how Srinivasa Ramanujan had a fun and exciting early life.

Ramanujan was a self-taught mathematician from Madras, India, who went on to change modern math.

This book shows your child that there could be a friendship between them and numbers. It does this by telling them about Ramanujan’s interesting adventures.

When you read this book with your kids, author Amy Alznauer and mathematician Daniel Miyares make the science of numbers seem more fascinating and wonderful than ever before, making it even more fun for your kids to learn about.

Grandfather Gandhi by Arun Gandhi and Bethany Hegedus

Children are often told that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is the “Father of the Nation.” First, they see him in a black and white picture in their history books.

That’s not how this book gets your kids to know the freedom fighter they see on money bills.

Grandfather Gandhi lets us see Gandhi from his grandson’s point of view.

There are a lot of pictures by Evan that make this unique journey a lot more pleasant to see. Whether or not you know anything about the subject, this book is sure to be a hit with your child.

Little People, Big Dreams series by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

The tiny cogwheels of your child’s mind are always moving, and this series will make sure they stay lubricated.

In each book in the series, the author talks about a different person who has inspired him or her. The author then grabs your curious cubs by the arm and takes them on a ride through the person’s life.

Covering a wide range of people from politics, history, and science to icons in music, arts, design, sports, and so much more.

Children who like magnifying glasses and finding clues should go on a mission with Agatha Christie, the author of the book. You might pull David Bowie off the bookshelf if you see them slamming their imaginary guitars in front of the mirror a lot. Then, step back and watch the show that will follow.

It doesn’t even matter if you don’t have any kids. The cover art alone is worth getting one of these books.

Night Walk to the Sea by Deborah Wiles

Night Walk to the Sea by Deborah Wiles

If you’re having a hard time getting your child to go outside, make this book a bedtime read so they can learn about the wonders of the world.

It’s a great way for kids to learn about Rachel Carson and what she did for the environment. Carson and her nephew Roger go on a fun walk through the forest.

This book is about a nighttime adventure that children’s dreams are made of. It talks about ghost crabs that live in sand and magical creatures that make water bodies look like they’ve been cast with a spell on them.

Oh, the Things They Invented! by Bonnie Worth

If so, how often do you wake up to find your cub taking apart a wall clock? A lot of babies like to play around with their toys and watch the electrician or plumber do their job for a long time.

We have some good news for you. You might be living with an inventor in the making.

Make sure they know more people like them, like the best inventors in the world.

Everything from how steam engines were made to how the internet came to be is in this book that the Cat in the Hat’s library has.

Edison, Bell, and the Wright brothers are some of the kids who are on the cover. It also introduces your kids to Mary Anderson, the woman who came up with the windshield wiper blade, and Garrett Morgan, the man who came up with traffic lights.

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