16 Best Kids Books About Friendship Update 05/2022

Kids Books About Friendship

A big part of being a child and going to school is making friends. You can start a class discussion about how to make friends, how to support your friends, and how to deal with friendship problems by reading a good book. You can use this list of children’s books about friendship to add some new books to your classroom library. Check out these picture book read-alouds, no matter what grade you teach!

Circle Round by Anne Sibley O’Brien

Circle Round by Anne Sibley O’Brien

A simple counting text describes a group of kids who meet at the playground. They come from different backgrounds, but all of them play together there. They will give your class a lot to talk about and help you think of ways to be more inclusive when you play. (October 26, 2021)

Don’t Hug Doug: (He Doesn’t Like It) by Carrie Finison

A lot of things make Doug happy, like his rock collection, harmonica bands, and his many friends. But he doesn’t like the way hugs make him feel, because they’re too “squishy.” When you need a book for kids about friendship that talks about respecting other people’s boundaries and different ways to show you care about a friend, this one is a great choice!

The Pirate Tree by Brigita Orel

Sam doesn’t join Agu’s game of pirates at first because he doesn’t know what it is. Agu wins him over with his real-life experience sailing on the high seas. This book is both beautiful and thought-provoking. It will help kids talk about how new friends can help them learn new things and have fun.

We Laugh Alike / Juntos nos reímos: A Story That’s Part Spanish, Part English, and a Whole Lot of Fun by Carmen T. Bernier-Grand

For people who speak Spanish, this unique book about friendship across language barriers is a must-have for your library. (And even if you don’t, it’s still a great game to play with your kids, if you use the glossary to help.) In the park, two groups of friends use a mix of English and Spanish, gestures, and open-mindedness to find common ground and have a good time.

A Thousand White Butterflies by Jessica Betancourt-Perez

A Thousand White Butterflies by Jessica Betancourt-Perez

Isabella is so excited for her first day of school, her “make new friends day,” after moving from Colombia to the United States. Then a snowstorm cancels school. In a chance meeting, she learned that there are many ways to meet new people and have fun together. This heartfelt personal story is one of our favorite new books for kids about friendship.

The Someone New by Jill Twiss

Before her friends show her how welcoming “someone new” can be, Jitterbug the chipmunk isn’t sure how to deal with a newcomer in her woods. Students of all ages could enjoy this story and connect its themes to their own lives. This is a sign that this is a good book.

In a Jar by Deborah Marcero

He and his friend Evelyn put their best memories in small jars and keep them together. As soon as Evelyn moves away, it’s heartbreaking. But then they figure out how they can use their special memories to stay in touch. You can think of a lot of different ideas and talk about them when you read this quiet, beautiful book about friendship.

Evelyn Del Rey is Moving Away by Meg Medina

We keep going back to this beautiful book for our little literacy lessons. A good friend of Daniela’s is moving away soon, and it’s hard to accept. Their heartfelt conversations show how friendship can be strong no matter what, and how it can help real-life friends who are in the same situation.

Frank and Bean by Jamie Michalak

Frank and Bean by Jamie Michalak

Early chapter books like Frog and Toad, Mr. Putter and Tabby, Narwhal and Jelly, and Narwhal and Jelly all have great stories about friendship that you can talk about with your kids. In the beginning, Frank and Bean don’t get along very well. But over time, that turns into a benefit for both of them. You can check out more friendship-themed books for young readers by reading 18 Standout Graphic Novels for Kids in Elementary School, which lists some of the best.

All About Friends by Felicity Brooks

Approaching friendship talks by telling stories works for many kids, but for some, a more detailed primer can be useful to get them up to speed. This is one of the best nonfiction books for kids about friendship we’ve seen. It uses simple language and a lot of cute pictures to teach important skills like how to use friendly body language, how to start conversations with friends, and what to do when friends fight.

Meesha Makes Friends by Tom Percival

Even when Meesha has a lot of help from craft supplies, she doesn’t feel like she’s getting it right at all. When Josh doesn’t say anything, though, she learns that doing something she likes with a friend can make it even better. People who find it hard to connect with other people should share this story.

The Hike by Alison Farrell

We went to the woods with three friends for a very long time. The hike is better because each person brings a different strength to it.

How to Apologize by David LaRochelle

How to Apologize by David LaRochelle

When you make a mistake, it’s important to make up with your friend. This book is both fun and serious at the same time, and it does exactly what the title says it will.

My Best Friend by Julie Fogliano

A joyful, child’s-eye look at a friendship that’s meant to be. This one is very moving for both kids and adults!

48 Grasshopper Estates by Sara de Waal

Sicily is a master of science and technology. She always makes new things with parts she finds around her apartment complex. Making friends, though, isn’t easy. People have a hard time with that, though. When Sicily is trying, a story about a neighbor boy comes to life in the illustrations. It’s a fun example of how friendship can happen in surprising places, and it reminds kids that a big part of friendship is thinking about other people’s lives.

The Shadow Elephant by Nadine Roberts

It can be a lot of fun to be friends, but sometimes, being a friend means being there for someone when they need it. When Elephant is down, Mouse knows he needs time to let the feelings pass, with a quiet friend by his side.

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