13 Best Ways To Listen To Books For Free Update 05/2022

Ways To Listen To Books For Free

There are a lot of audiobooks that we love on Book Riot! We like to listen to them while we drive. The house is being cleaned while we are. Then, we’re running. Even when we’re cooking. It takes a lot of time to listen to audiobooks. Because of these websites, you can listen to thousands and thousands of free audiobooks online. Many of them can be listened to at any time and from any place. Thousands and Thousands of people are out there. A lot of books. Listen to what is being said.

Where to find free audiobooks online

We’ll talk about each one in more detail, but the best places to find free audiobooks online are:



Loyal Books

Mind Webs

Open Culture

Libby by Overdrive


Project Gutenberg




Learn Out Loud

Free Classic Audiobooks

Digital Book

Important: Please read this! This is a list of free audiobooks, but they’re all legal to use. As far as I know, you can get illegal copies on the internet. That doesn’t help the authors or publishers you know and love. In place of that, check out these free resources and then make sure to leave reviews for these books on GoodReads, Amazon, and other review sites after you have read them.



Librivox is a project that doesn’t make money. They record public-domain books and make them available for free as audiobooks. War and Peace, Leaves of Grass, The Dream of the Red Chamber, Anne, and Anne of Green Gables are just some of the projects on the site, which has over 10,000 projects.

You can even volunteer to read parts of books that are still being written!


Lit2Go has audiobooks, plays, short stories, and poems that can be used in class. Each free audiobook comes with citations, play time, and word count. Some, like Shakespeare’sHamlet, come with a PDF that can be used to read along with the text. You can use it to read along.

Loyal Books

Loyal Books gives away free audiobooks from books that are in the public domain. You can choose from John Milton’sParadise Lost and Sir Author Conan Doyle’sThe Return of Sherlock Holmes, among other things.

You can also write your own reviews and read what other people have said about the books.

Mind Webs

As I said before, Mind Webs was a well-made, haunting old-time radio dramatization of more than 150 of the best science fiction short stories.

Science fiction stories by Ursula K. Le Guin, Kurt Vonnegut, and H.G. Wells are among the free stories you can find on this site

Open Culture

Open Culture

Open Culture has looked through the same audiobooks that are available on other websites and put them all together in one place for you to look at, so you can see which ones you like best. You’ll still be able to find some of the same classics, like Frank L. Baum’s The Wizard of Oz audiobooks, but you’ll also find stories by James Baldwin, Ray Bradbury, and Virginia Woolf. Or Maya Angelou and Charles Bukowski’s poetry.

There could even be a video of Neil Gaiman reading “Coraline.”

Here are some other places where you can find free audiobooks with free apps:


OverDrive’s Libby app lets you read and listen to the most ebooks and audiobooks on this list because it works with your local library.

Their library has more than two million books and videos. They also work with more than 30,000 public libraries across the country. If you use OverDrive, you can find the most recent audiobooks. They’re all free.

That means you can listen to the free best-selling audiobooks you’ve been dying to read (or, more likely, re-read). You might be able to get them through your library’s Overdrive service.


Scribl is a good choice for newer books because many of the books are read by the authors. Each of these free audiobooks is broken up into small chunks, so you can listen while you’re on the train or in the car.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg, of course, is the place to go if you want to get free books that aren’t owned by anyone else. And now, they have even more free audiobooks that are read by humans. Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Colors of Space, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, and The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura are some of the best.

Besides computer-read audiobooks, you could imagine Siri reading youMoby Dick (thankfully, you do have a human-read option here).


Spotify’s “Audiobooks” playlist has a list of audiobooks that are always being added to by the service. Check it out. Spotify is free to listen to, or you can pay to get rid of the ads.

Spotify has The Great Gatsby, 1984, and Pride and Prejudice on its list right now.



In Storynory, you can listen to free audiobooks for kids. They include classics, fairy tales, and stories made up by the author.

All of them are meant for people who want to hear Brothers Grimm folk stories, Aesop wales, or stories from 1,001 nights again. They’re for kids, but they’re also good for people who want to hear them again.


In the summer, AudioFile Magazine and OverDrive run a program called SYNC, which gives teens who want to listen to YA audiobooks a chance to do so for free.

2020 had Tiffany D. Jackson’sMonday’s Not Coming and Serpent & Dove.

A book about Shelby Mahourin was written by her

Even more free audiobook Websites

Since this post first came out, I’ve learned about a few more places where you can listen to audiobooks. With a little work, you can also get free music from these sites.

It’s called Learn Out Loud, and it has audiobooks and videos that are meant to help you learn.

For classics, there are free audiobooks that you can listen to.

Digital Book, which has a lot of books and a simple interface, is a good choice.

But even better, we’ve made guides for different types of audiobooks. At “29 Free Audiobooks for Kids and Anyone Else,” you can find ideas for books for kids. Check out “6 Places To Find Free Romance Audiobooks” for more romance ideas.

Online, there aren’t any free audiobooks, but there are some that are very cheap.

Look at other services if you can’t find the audiobook for free. Audible now has a service where you can send a free book to anyone you want. You can do this through the service. Downpour lets you rent audiobooks for a very low price. Another discount audiobook store is Chirp Audiobooks. Read our full Chirp review here.

Or, you can sign up for Book Riot’s Deal of the Day newsletter, which sometimes has cheap audiobooks on sale. Our team sometimes posts these deals there.

Sign up for an Audible account, and you’ll get two free audiobooks! It costs a few dollars a month, but if you like their plan, you can get one audiobook a month for a few dollars.

Is there a way to get audiobooks on my iPhone or Android?

There are a lot of free audiobooks that can be found on these sites, but they can be hard to connect to your phone (or whatever device you use to listen to your audiobooks).

Bound is a favorite app for other Rioters. It lets you download your audiobooks from a DropBox account to your Bound app. It also lets you use bookmarks, so you can remember where you put your book down. And it looks better and is easier to use.

The Audiobooks app is another place where you can find free audiobooks. It has a much easier-to-use interface than the free audiobooks on the site.

You can also find a lot of free ebooks online if you don’t want to listen to them.

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