11 Best Math Books For Adults Update 05/2022

Math is a subject that stays with people their whole lives. Using math is what you do when you calculate, make comparisons, find your way around, and do spatial reasoning tests. There are times when adults need help with math because they want to learn more about themselves or restart a course that was left off in order to have a better advantage over other people in their field of work. How did you deal with the math questions your child asked? You might have thought about brushing up on your own skills. There must have been times when you didn’t understand some math in school. Even so, you must have been in a tight spot because you didn’t understand some of it. As a result, why not find out about some math books for adults that can save you from embarrassment and keep your brain sharp for a long time?

If the idea has really made you think, we’ve put together a list of the best-selling math books for adults that cover a wide range of interesting topics, like puzzle solving, pattern decoding, or just revisiting basic math concepts. Look around.

Best selling math books for adults

Brain Games : Lower Your Brain Age in Minutes a Day

In this math book, there aren’t any lessons. Instead, it’s a collection of math-based reasoning and creative thinking puzzles, games, and questions. There are people who have special needs when it comes to learning math reasoning skills. This tool was made to keep them in mind.

You will notice a big difference in your memory and reasoning abilities after you do the things in this book in your free time. You can use many of the sections in this book to help you with math and logical reasoning questions you might see on entrance exams as well. As a result, it helps you on a number of different levels, and it also helps keep your brain young by giving it enough food to keep it active and agile.

Secrets of Mental Math: The Mathemagician’s Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks

Examiners pay a lot of attention to how students do their work in school exams. If you want to do something, you have to use mental math a lot. However, in real life, things are a little different.

Those who wrote this book have come up with a huge collection of math tricks and ways to make your calculations go quickly. Tricks like how to do triple-digit multiplications and divisions, figure out square and cube roots, and solve other complicated equations can help you keep becoming a better mathematician over time. If you want to learn things that aren’t taught in school because of the curriculum’s limitations, this book is a good place to start.

Math refresher course for adults

You’re afraid of math problems and can’t do well in school because you have bad math grades. This might help you. Are you going to work in a field that requires a lot of math? Or do you want to teach your child math at home? These are some of the things you want to do, so if this is the book you want to read, it’s the best one for you!

This book can help you become a faster problem solver, as well as help you review all the principles and concepts you learned in school. All of these things keep coming up at some point in your life. So, you can work on your math skills at any time with this math book for adults.

USA TODAY Jumbo Puzzle Book 2: 400 Brain Games for Every Day

This Jumbo Puzzle Book has a lot of crossword puzzles that include both numbers and words, as well as a lot of different types of numbers-based challenges that you can solve.

Using your free time to improve your math reasoning and logical reasoning skills is a great way to do that. This puzzle book is a must-have for that. If you’re an advanced math student, this book can help you do more than your course work. It’s a book for people of all ages.

All the Math You’ll Ever Need

All the Math You’ll Ever Need by Steve Slavin is a self-teaching guide that helps you learn the math skills you need for both your personal and professional lives. A lot of important math concepts aren’t learned in school because people just want to keep up with their peers. This math guide for adults takes care of practical math, mental math, and math reasoning, which will help you do all kinds of things in the real world that require you to use math.

You can learn about things like fractions, decimals, discounting, mortgage value, and other important math topics that help you make better decisions about price and property in this book. To be good at math, use this book to learn on your own and improve.

Mastering Essential Math Skills Problem Solving

A book by the author Richard W. Fisher called Math Skills will help you become a master at solving math problems. People who are adults need to know how to solve a lot of math problems in this math book in order to make good decisions.

The graphs, statistics, fractions, decimals, pie-charts, and other types of charts and graphs are used in any office work that deals with numbers. Make sure you practice the math problems in this book every day and see how you get better at it to make a good impression on your peers. Just 20 minutes of practice with this book can help you get a good job.

The 125 Best Brain Teasers of All Time

Want to be a master of math and logic, and enjoy things like word games? Brain-twisting books are your best bet then, so this one is your best choice. This math book has about 125 games, puzzles, and logic-challenging problems. Even if you’re an adult, this book will help you get over your fear of math.

It’s possible to give your brain the break it needs from monotonous jobs. Math word problems, word games, and other logical reasoning-based problems are used in this book to help you become friends with math. People who aren’t good at math can still solve the puzzles in this book because it is so clever.

The Math Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

There is a lot of mugging up in school when the class size is too big for the brain to handle. So, what would be a better way to use adult life to go over math parts that you didn’t understand when you were younger?

In the book, we learn about terms and concepts that came into our lives at a young age. With time, almost all of the ideas start to mix together, and the real meaning is far away from the mind. Using this book, you can understand what whole numbers, spheres, algebra, and other math operations mean in a way that isn’t easy to figure out on your own.

300+ Mathematical Pattern Puzzles: Number Pattern Recognition & Reasoning

Chris McMullen, the author of this great book, wants to help math students improve their ability to see patterns. Everywhere you look, there are patterns. To break them, all you need is a brain and a thought process. Pattern recognition, pattern identification, and reasoning puzzles are all in this book. It opens up your brain and makes it more open and curious.

The Fibonacci square, visual puzzles, and roman numerals in the number pattern problems section are some of the most important things this book talks about. And in the math reasoning section, you get a lot of practice with visual discrimination, analogy setting, logic, and reasoning, among other things. If you are studying for an exam, it can help you solve logical reasoning and creative thinking problems more quickly.

The Original Area Mazes: 100 Addictive Puzzles to Solve with Simple Math

Simple math and clever logic are used together to solve the puzzles in this math book. If you want to improve your brain’s mental abilities, this math-based puzzle book will help you get there. Because of some problems, your brain’s mental abilities decline as you get older.

By working on the puzzles in this book, you push your brain and give it the exercise it needs to stay sharp. The rules are simple and don’t need more than the simple math formula for area = l x w. Whole numbers, geometry, and your love for Sudoku are the tools you need to solve the puzzles in this book that every adult should work on.

Why adults need these math books?

People are becoming more and more likely to get dementia, lose their reasoning skills, and have poor spatial intelligence at a young age. The math books for adults give grown-ups food for their brains so that they don’t lose their ability to think and reason as they get older.

You can use these books to go over things you didn’t learn in school or to figure out how to use the theories that you’ve just memorized to get good grades, no matter what kind of problems you have. With a lot of practice, people who use these math books for adults can become more confident in the areas where they haven’t been very good before. So, in the end, you show a more confident side of yourself that you had to hide behind excuses. Better chances at work and in exams where math problems are important are likely to be the main results.

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