10 Best Mystery Books For 4th Graders Update 05/2022

Mystery Books For 4th Graders

If you think about it, Harry Potter isn’t usually thought of as a mystery book, but I think that’s why so many kids are interested in it. The sorcerer’s stone is a lot like a diamond. Prof. Quirrell’s life is not going well. The person who opened the Chamber of Secrets is not who I thought.

To find out what these questions are, kids read on and on and on. When you read mystery books, that’s a great thing! The mystery book genre “is about someone who solves a puzzle or a crime.” 4th graders or 9-10-year-olds should read this post. Let’s start now!

Mystery books for 4th graders

Treasure Hunters by James Patterson

Treasure Hunters by James Patterson

Kids: “We’ve traveled the world and dived to the bottom of ships. We’ve helped our famous parents find everything from swords to gold doubloons from the sea floor.” It turns out that when their parents go to work, the kids are thrust into the biggest treasure hunt of their lives. They’ll have to work together to fight pirates and avoid an evil rival who wants to steal their parents’ treasure. They’ll also have to follow cryptic clues to find out what happened to their parents and whether they’re still alive.

The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart

Asked: “Do you have a special talent and want to use it? There is an ad in the newspaper that looks like an advertisement for a game. A lot of kids answer the ad, and then they are put through a series of mind-bending tests. Only four children, two boys and two girls, did well. They had to go on a secret mission that only the smartest and most creative kids could do. In order to do this, they will have to go undercover at the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened, where there are no rules. Because in the hidden underground tunnels of the school, they’ll find a lot more than school supplies, though. In that case, if you’re good at something, like being creative or knowing Morse Code, they could use your help.

Bunnicula by Deborah Howe

“Watch out for the hare! A suspicious-looking bunny with weird habits and fangs is the new addition to the Monroe family. Harold the dog and Chester the cat must find out the truth about this new addition to the family. This rabbit doesn’t look like it could be a vampire.

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein

As soon as Kyle finds out that Luigi Lemoncello has designed the town’s new library and that he is having an invitation-only lock-in for guests on the opening night, he wants to be there.” But getting into the library isn’t the hard part. It’s getting out. In fact, when the sun comes up, the doors are still locked. Kyle and the other kids have to solve every clue and figure out every secret puzzle to find the way out.

The Great Shelby Holmes by Elizabeth Eulberg

The Great Shelby Holmes by Elizabeth Eulberg

When you think about sixth graders, Shelby Holmes isn’t your typical one. She’s nine years old, almost four feet tall, and the best detective her neighborhood in Harlem has ever seen. Every time, I try to solve the most difficult crimes with the help of logic and a little bit of courage, which some people might call “bossiness.” It’s only now that Shelby finally has a friend. John Watson, who is 11 years old, moves down to the basement. As time goes on, John isn’t sure what to think of Shelby, but he soon finds that he’s her most trusted (or only) partner in a dog-napping case that will need both of their skills to solve.

A to Z Mysteries: The Absent Author by Ron Roy

One of the best writers is coming to Green Lawn! Dink wants to meet his favorite author, Wallis Wallace, and get all of his books signed by her. He runs to the store right away. But the author never comes. Where did Wallis Wallace go to? Dink and his friends Josh and Ruth Rose have to find him. Kids love to collect the whole alphabet and the best editions of the A to Z Mysteries.

The Secret Lake by Karen Inglis

When Stella and her younger brother, Tom, move to their new London home, they become puzzled by the disappearances of Harry, the small dog of their elderly neighbor. He goes somewhere. And why does he keep coming back wet-through? During the summer, they try to figure out the riddle. They find a boat buried under a grassy mound and a tunnel that leads to a secret lake. After they arrive at Stella and Tom’s house and garden, they soon find out that they have gone back in time about 100 years. In this place, they make both friends and enemies, and find surprising connections between the past and the present,” says the author of the book.

Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye by Geronimo Stilton

Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye by Geronimo Stilton

I don’t know who Geronimo Stilton is. That’s me, too! Running a newspaper is what I do for a living, but my real passion is writing stories of adventure. All of my books are best-sellers on Mouse Island, where I live. What is this? You haven’t read one yet? My books are full of fun. As a promise, these stories will make your whiskers lick. When my sister, Thea, found a mysterious map, it all began. It showed a hidden treasure on an island far away. Before I could say anything, Thea dragged me into her treasure hunt! We’d sail to the island in no time at all. It was a trip I’ll never forget.

Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage

In the small town of Tupelo Landing, NC, everyone’s business is fair game and no secret is safe. Sixth grader Miss Moses LoBeau lives there.” Eleven years ago, she washed up on a beach. She’s been making waves ever since. The Colonel and Miss Lana have made Mo feel at home. Even though Mo wants to find her “upstream mother,” she’s found a home with them. She will protect the people she cares about with all of her strong will and tough attitude. This is why Mo and Dale Earnhardt Johnson III set out to find the truth about a murder when a lawman comes to town and asks about it. They want to save Mo’s only family.

Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

It’s the best thing about moving to San Francisco for Emily, a 12-year-old girl who loves books. Garrison Griswold, a book publisher and the creator of the popular online game Book Scavenger, lives in San Francisco (a game where books are hidden in cities all over the country and clues to find them are revealed through puzzles). But when Emily arrives at the house she finds out that Griswold has been beaten up. No one knows anything about the new game that he was going to launch. It turns out that Emily and her new friend James found a weird book. They think it was written by Griswold himself, and that it might be the only copy of his new game. Emily and James are running out of time to figure out the secret at the heart of Griswold’s new game before the people who attacked him come after them, too.

In a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, he said, “It is the good reader who makes the good book.” I try to help you find books that will help your child become a good reader. I hope this list helped you. People have written about a lot of different books below. “Have fun reading!”

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