6 Best Mystery Books For 6th Graders Update 05/2022

Creaky castles, hidden treasures, and mysterious letters are all things that should keep you on the edge of your seat as you read a good mystery. At times, you might fall off. It could also be the perfect start to a lifelong love of reading for a young person who is excited about books now. How do you start? Literati has already done the work for you.

We’ve chosen the best mystery books for sixth-graders. If your 11-year-old likes to read about magical stories about lost treasure and funny stories about mishaps by clumsy spies, this is the book for them!
So, here’s a hint: keep reading to find the best mystery books for your middle-schooler!

August Isle – Family Secrets on the Florida Shore

August Isle is a beach town that looks like it’s right out of a movie. It’s in the middle of the Florida water. In fact, the more Miranda explores the beach, the more she finds out about its dark secrets and even her own family. The day after Miranda’s mom died, she goes to August Isle to see an old friend. As she starts to go deeper into the island, mysterious clues start to emerge about her mother’s childhood summers there, like a dark lighthouse, a mysterious seaman, and a name that keeps popping up. As soon as she can, Miranda has to decide whether or not the truth is worth hearing.

For the Junior Library Guild, August Isle is a book about grief and self-discovery that is very moving. It’s one of the best chapter books for curious young people because it has unique characters and interesting twists. Pick up some extra batteries for your child’s reading flashlight, because this book might make them want to read way past bedtime.

Case Closed #1: Mystery in the Mansion – A Choose-Your-Own Puzzle Adventure

Isn’t it fun to just jump right into a book’s world? It is possible to do this with Case Closed #1: Mystery in the Mansion. With the help of best friend Eliza and her little brother, Frank, young Carlos is able to save both his sick mother and her detective business. Many of them don’t know that they’ll come across spooky letters and wacky enemies as they go.

The best thing? If you buy this game, your child can help the characters solve the case. For middle-graders, Case Closed is a “Choose Your Own Adventure Story.” This means your child can choose which clues they want to follow and which leads they want to pursue (or be pursued by!). Lauren Magaziner’s series has a lot of options and complicated puzzles that keep you interested. There are two more books that are just as fun for your child if they like the first one.

The Lost Property Office – Lose Yourself in the Streets of London

When Jack finds things that have been lost or found, he does it very well. In Jack Buckles, he can find everything from scarves to books that have been left behind in London. But he can’t find his long-lost father and sister. It was that way until a few family secrets came to light.

Dun dun duuuuuuun!
In the mysterious Lost Property Office, Jack must do what his father did when he was a royal policeman. His goal is to find his father and save London. To do this, he has to outrun a person named Clockmaker, who wants to find the secret Ember, a mysterious force that could destroy London.
Will Jack be able to save his family? To find out what James R. Hannibal’s clever thriller is all about, your child will have to look inside it.

Spy School – Unlocking Your Inner Sleuth

Have you ever heard of a spy who isn’t very good at their job? Ben Ripley is our resident spy-to-be. He wants to join the CIA so bad. But no matter how hard he tries, he can’t get the “stealthy sleuth” look. Ben gets into trouble and is clumsy wherever he goes. He gives up on his dreams and goes to a school that focuses on science instead.
But is it?
In fact, Ben doesn’t know that this lab program is just an act to get kids into the CIA. And now it’s time for him to step up his detective game, as well. Sixth-graders will laugh and gasp as they read this spy story. It’s one of the best books for this age group. “Spy School” is where detective thrillers and gut-busting humor meet. There aren’t any shortage of sharp jokes and self-poking fun, all with a noir flair.

The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle – Fighting for Justice Through Truth

It’s not always fun to solve a mystery. Every time you read a new page, you add more fuel to the fire. This is sometimes what makes the best stories. until the story turns into a fire of heart-wrenching drama! It’s not easy for Mason Buttle to learn because he has a learning disability and gets very hot. Even worse, the mysterious death of his best friend, Benny, has made him look bad. Mason and his new friend Calvin go to play in an underground grotto to get away from the people who are mean to them, so they can be alone.

Calvin, on the other hand, has also gone. A quest has been set up for Mason to get his name back and find his new friend, even if it means finding out the dark secrets of his town. It has won over a dozen awards for children’s books. The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle is a mature and very interesting story. When Leslie Connor writes, she shows how bad stigmas can be, but how powerful friendship can be, too.

Break Out the Magnifying Glass to Read These Mystery Books

There’s a mystery book for every type of person who likes to read. When you use Literati, you don’t have to be a detective to find the best books for your child.

Our Club Phoenix mystery books are perfect for a preteen who likes to be scared. How do you get a book to stay in the hands of a middle-schooler? You can solve this mystery with their endless twists, puzzles and good characters.

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