11 Best Nonfiction Books For 3rd Graders Update 05/2022

Nonfiction Books For 3rd Graders

If you’re looking for more great nonfiction books for kids in elementary school, check out this list. Check out the Personal Reading List. A librarian will send you a list of books that are just right for you.

Moto And Me : My Year As A Wildcat’s Foster Mom

Eszterhas, Suzi, author, photographer.

Moto And Me My Year As A Wildcat's Foster Mom

“This is the story of Suzi and Moto, an orphaned serval cat that Suzi found and cared for on her own. As a result, Moto was able to go back to the wild because Suzi worked hard to be the best foster mom she could be. It wasn’t easy! During a camping trip in Kenya, she didn’t have a lot of time to talk to anyone else outside of her family and friends. When someone came to her with an orphaned serval cat, they knew that she would want to help. Nobody else knew what to do, so they came to her. It was Suzi’s goal to nurse the kitten back to health and help him learn, grow, and go back to the wild. Some people who had some experience with orphaned wild animals came to help. For the most part, she and Moto were on their own. Suzi had seen animal rescues and had good instincts about the animal’s needs.” — Given by the publisher.

Sharks : Nature’s Perfect Hunter

Flood, Joe (Illustrator), author, artist.

In a comic book format, this in-depth look at sharks looks at their undersea habitat, their clever adaptability, and their jaw-dropping variety. Contains a glossary.

The Wisdom Of Trees : How Trees Work Together To Form A Natural Kingdom

Judge, Lita, author.

One of the best nonfiction picture books for kids: “A lyrical and educational nonfiction picture book that tells the story of trees and the hidden ecosystems they make” Given by the publisher.

Have I Ever Told You Black Lives Matter

King, Shani M., author.

Black lives are important. People in a just world would know that that message would be true, but not everyone in this world or in this country does. All kids need to hear it over and over again, not just to hear but to feel and know it. This book reaffirms the message over and over again, in a way that is both tender and powerful. Shani King’s book celebrates Black achievements in music, art, literature, journalism, politics, law, science, medicine, entertainment, sports, and more. She draws on both history and the present to honor the fortitude of Black role models, both men and women, who have been able to achieve greatness despite the grinding political and social constraints on Black life. Frederick Douglass, Toni Morrison, Sojourner Truth, John Lewis, Langston Hughes, Louis Armstrong, Maya Angelou, Aretha Franklin, and many more people have been on these pages at some point in their lives. The country we know today wouldn’t be the same without their struggles, dreams, and contributions. A hundred life stories add to the story, opening a hundred doors to lives and ideas that aren’t in many history books. “We are responsible for the world we live in, if only because we are the only force that can change it.” Viola Davis’ words are also here: “At first, I didn’t use my voice because I didn’t think I was worth having one. I was taught a lot of things that didn’t include me, but I didn’t learn them. There I was. People like me: What were they up to?” Book: This one tells kids about people like Viola and how they have been and are still doing things. It also tells Black kids that they are, unquestionably, worth having a voice. No, I haven’t. Have I ever told you that black lives matter? is a book for this time and always. Everyone should know that black lives matter.

You Can Be An Entomologist!

Martins, Dino J., author.

You Can Be An Entomologist!

“How many kinds of bugs are there in the world? This book is written in a way that is easy for kids to read and understand. It also has a lot of great pictures. Children will learn how real scientists look at insects, get close enough to study them, and return them to the wild.” – (Source of summary not specified)

Muslim Girls Rise : Inspirational Champions Of Our Time

Mir, Saira, author.

This picture book tells the stories of nineteen powerful Muslim women who stood up and made their voices heard. For a long time in the past, Muslim women went into battle to fight for their dreams. They opened the doors to the world’s oldest library. This is what they did. They ran the country, started movements, and spread knowledge, all at the same time. Today, Muslim women are still making history. When they were kids, they had dreams, just like you. The true stories of 19 Muslim women who have risen above challenges, doubts, and even outright hostility to make a difference in a wide range of fields are told in this new book. If they wanted to be in the culinary arts or fashion or sports or government or science or entertainment or activism, these women never said “no” or let themselves be silenced. They didn’t let anyone stop them. Instead, they worked hard to rise above and not only reach their goals, but also become powerful leaders.

Let ‘er Buck! : George Fletcher, The People’s Champion

Nelson, Vaunda Micheaux, author.

George Fletcher, an African American, was a huge horse fan from a young age. When he lost the 1911 Pendleton Round-Up to a white man, the angry crowd called him “the people’s champion.”

Butterfly For A King : Saving Hawaiʻi’s Kamehameha Butterflies

Roth, Susan L., author, illustrator.

“As a whole, this is a look back at how the Hawaiian islands and their native Kamehameha butterfly have changed over time, as well as how Hawai’i’s Pulelehua Project is working to save them from extinction today. An afterword with more information, photos, and a source list is also included.” — Given by the publisher.

Avalanche Dog Heroes : Piper And Friends Learn To Search The Snow

Rusch, Elizabeth, author.

Avalanche Dog Heroes Piper And Friends Learn To Search The Snow

A friendly border collie named Piper comes to the mountain as a smart but shy shelter dog, afraid of everything. She confidently rides a chairlift to school and meets her new classmates, all of whom are dogs, too! Season after season, they play and learn how to be avalanche rescue dogs. You’ll also learn about the warning signs and conditions that cause an avalanche, the four types of avalanches, and how to stay safe in an avalanche.

Child Of The Civil Rights Movement

Shelton, Paula Young, author.

A woman named Paula Young Shelton talks about how she helped with the civil rights movement and how she marched from Selma to Montgomery on a historic day.

Basketballogy : Supercool Facts You Never Knew

Sylvester, Kevin, author, illustrator.

“People who love basketball and people who don’t care about the game will enjoy this collection of interesting facts about the sport. This book talks about everything from the history of the game to how much players get paid and how the basketball shoe has changed over time. Among them are how the color barrier was broken, the rise of women’s basketball, and new ideas that make the game more accessible to people with disabilities. This is a great book for people who like to look at pictures, charts, and graphs. The short chapters make it easy to get through.” Provided by the publisher.

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