10 Best Personalized Books For Children Update 05/2022

Shopping for gifts for kids can be a lot of work. As there are so many toys and other things out there, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Plus, kids are always changing their minds. Is there a way to be sure you’re getting something that they’ll love?If you want to give a gift that’s extra special and sure to be a hit, personalized books are a fun and easy way to do it. You’ll write a unique story with their name, picture, and other information, and then print and bind it like any other book. It’s a fun story that they’ll remember for a long time. To help you if you haven’t bought a personalized book before and aren’t sure what to look for, we’ve done all the work. We’ve put together a list of some of the best personalized children’s books. We’ll show you what they are, where you can buy them, and why they’re so unique.

What are Personalized Children’s Books?

Books for kids that are made just for them Let you make your child the star of a one-of-a-kind book. It’s easy to find a book that fits your needs. All but a few let you add the child’s name and make the main character look like them. If you choose some options, you can even add pictures of your child or your whole family to the story. You might also be able to write a special note inside the book to make it a truly special keepsake.

Fun and exciting for kids to read, but also good for the child’s growth. Their job is to help kids build their self-esteem, imagination, and long-term love of reading, which is why they do it. The kids will want to try new things because they’ve already seen themselves do it in a book.

Top 10 Personalized Books for Kids

Smart Story

SmartStory has a customizable kids’ book called Jungle Mystery. This story is good for kids who are between the ages of one and eight. With this book, you can make an avatar that looks like your child. The main character will look like your child. You can add the child’s name, gender, skin color, haircut and color, eye shape and color, and more. If you want, you can even put glasses on or freckles on your face. A picture of your child and other members of your family can also be added. These will show up in the story to give it an extra personal touch. It’s possible to add photos of parents, grandparents, and siblings, as well as a picture of the whole family, to the site. You can also write a personal dedication that will appear on the first page of the book. This dedication will be on the cover. Once you’ve made your choices, you can see how your changes will look in the whole book.

The Book of Everyone

In the Book of Everyone, there are two ways to make a personalized book for a child. The Book of Everyone is the first choice. This one is for everyone. You will find interesting facts about the recipient’s birthday as well as unique illustrations in this gift card! To make it unique, you can add the recipient’s name, birth date and gender. You can also add who it’s from. If you want, you can also choose a cover color from nine different ones. Afterwards, they’ll send you a free copy of the book. The second option is only for kids. It’s called “Wise Words for Kids.” This book is full of important advice for your child. It comes in three different editions, and each one has a different style for the designs and illustrations on it. You’ll be able to choose from collage, graffiti, or a graphic. You can make it unique with the child’s name, the names of the people who gave it, and a special message. Even if you give your own piece of advice, you can add it in.


Wonderbly’s website has a lot of different books that you can make your child’s own. So you can be sure you’re getting a book that your child will like. It’s not just about bedtime and friendship. They also have themes like school and friendship. You can also buy gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or Mother’s Day. Add the child and family members’ names, pick a character to represent them, and write your own dedication in the book to make it more unique to you and your family. You can also pick a different color for the cover. The options for your child’s avatar include six options for each gender. They’re different because of their skin color, hair style, and hair color. Each book comes in softcover or hardcover and is bound with thick, kid-friendly pages that make it easy for kids to read and write. You can look at your personalized book online before you buy it.

Hooray Heroes.

Hooray Heroes has a lot of different book themes that you can make your own. They have titles like “Daddy Will Always Love You” and “Grandpa, I’ll Always Be Your Little Girl.” You can give or get them as a gift with a lot of love. Because these books are about families, you can change the appearance of each person. There are a lot of things you can choose for them. You can choose their gender, hairstyle, hair color, and skin color. Glasses, freckles, or facial hair can be added for men to make them look even more like the person they are. They also let you change the story, which few other books do. For each book, you can choose which stories go with it. You can see how the book will look with your changes once you’ve made all of your choices. As a bonus, you can also pick if you want the book to be hardcover or softcover and add a personalized dedication.

I See Me!

You can get personalized storybooks and coloring books from I See Me! for all kinds of things. They also have board books for babies that are more interesting. Trucks, dancing, bedtime, religious stories, superheroes, and more are some of the things they talk about. There are even some with Marvel and Disney characters on them, so there are even more. In addition to birthday and Christmas gifts, you can also find gifts for Easter and Easter eggs. Depending on which book you choose, there are different ways to personalize. Many things could be included in a gift: the child’s name and appearance, the names of family members, an individual dedication, and a picture of the child. In some, you can make the character look like your child or use a picture of your child. There is a way to see how it will look when you’re done making changes.


Shutterfly has about 30 different types of books that you can make your own. They talk about travel, going to the zoo, religion, and more. There are also books for birthdays, Christmas, and the first day of school. People who are famous, like PAW Patrol, Dora the Explorer, and Sesame Street, are even on some of them. There are a lot of ways to make these books your own, and they change based on the story. Choose whether to add your child’s name, gender, skin tone and hair color and if they wear glasses. There are some situations where you can add specifics, like the child’s favorite food or the name of their school. You’ll be able to see how these changes will look as you make them. Each book lets you add a personalized dedication and a picture. Some even let you use a picture of your child as the face of the main character.

Put Me In The Story

Then, put me in the story. Has books for all ages and for all kinds of events. They have a very easy-to-use website that will help you find what you need. You can choose how old the child is, what kind of book it is, and more. There are books for a lot of different things, like birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, and Easter, but there are also books for other things. Among the topics in books are bedtime and potty training as well as summer fun, religious events, and more! It doesn’t stop there. You can even choose from characters like Elmo and Curious George. The things you can make your own depend on which book you choose. Some of them might include the child’s name, a special message, a dedication inside, and photos of the child or his or her family on the cover. Some of the books let you make a character for your child with their hair, skin, and eye color. You can see how your changes will look in the book as you make them, so you know what you’re getting.


You can’t find Tellinga anywhere else. They have a lot of artists who hand-draw very unique stories. Rather than making a book, they send 5 x 7-inch cards instead. To make your own story, you’ll choose how long you want it to be. People get more postcards based on the length of the letter Afterwards, you’ll describe the story you want to write. You can also add a picture to give more information. When you work with different artists, the end result will be a bit of a surprise. When the artist is done with your story, you’ll get the postcards in the mail one by one. You’ll also get a digital copy of the art. Tellinga is different in another way. These people use the money they make from their sales to help fight Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, and PTSD.


Frecklebox has a lot of options for personalized books for kids. People can choose from over 30 different stories. They come in both hardcover and softcover. Themes for books range from birthdays and other holidays to a trip to the aquarium and tea time. There are also pirates, tea time, and many more. There’s even a book in Spanish, if that helps. There aren’t as many options for customizing these books as there are for some of the other sellers we’ve looked at. In this game, you can’t add pictures of your child or make the main character look like your child. Books have different things you can do with them. These include adding the child’s name, a personal dedication, the person who gave it to them, their gender, and their skin tone. You can also include the name of the person who gave it to them. After you make the changes, you can see how the finished product will look before you buy it. Another good thing to know is that these books are printed on recycled paper and made in the United States, which is even better!


A company called Dinkleboo has more than 100 different books that you can make your own. Your child can read a book about anything they want. Superheroes, travel, magic, dinosaurs, ballet, farm animals, and more are some of the things you’ll see. Barbie and Thomas the Tank Engine are two of their favorite characters, too. Birthdays, Christmas, and Easter are just some of the special events that you’ll find books for. Each book can be customized in a different way. Among them are the child’s name and gender as well as their hairstyle, eye color, skin tone, and more. You may also be able to add a dedication page and other personalized characters for your family and friends to the book. Their books come in softcover, small hardcover, and large hardcover. People who want to buy the book will be able to see how it looks with their changes before they do.

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