10 Best Phonics Books For Kids Update 05/2022

Phonics Books For Kids

There are many kids who can read and recognize letters before they can write them. Most of the time, they go through the ABCs. They can recognize and remember many words that start with each letter. If you don’t speak English well, it can be hard to put each letter together to make words. This is where the phonics books for kids come in to play a role.

What are phonics books?

Phonics books are a group of story books, rhyming books, ABC books, workbooks, and other types of books that focus on a single letter or phonics sound. They include books like these: As a parent, if you really want to improve your child’s phonics skills, you should try to read as many types of phonics books as possible. This will help them improve different parts of their reading.

Story books are fun books that let people read a story in a more natural way. They also repeat a certain sound to help people speak (reading a loud). It is important for kids who have trouble with phonics to read rhyming books because they help them understand how phonics sounds are made. ABC books help with each letter and are usually used with young children who are learning to read. Workbooks help students remember the phonics skills they learned in the past. They also help them learn how to write letters by reading phonics and doing different exercises.

What phonics books are best for children?

A quick look at some of the phonics books on our list of  books for kids:

Images in the Usborne First Reading Set are more interesting and fun for kids to look at than those in other sets.

They have a lot of words but not as many pictures in them as Bob Books, Primary Phonics and Fun Tales (for kids who get easily distracted)

Phonics has got me hooked. The Learn to Read Kit has a lot of books that are easy to read. They go over each sound one by one.

This book is for kids who need to get started slowly and go over the sounds all over again. It is called “Measured Mom Mini Phonics.”

Usborne, Bob Books, Primary Phonics, and the Measured Mom phonics books all have a lot of sight words and help kids learn how to sound out the sounds, so they can read more.

One of the things that Jolly Phonics does is teach phonics in the style of Jolly Phonics (Not ABC way)

The A Beka Phonics There is a lot of review of phonics words that people read.

Homeworkbooks are a set of phonics workbooks that will help them improve their skills a lot more than other workbooks.

Alpha Phonics Companion Readers is for kids who are ready to read sentences with the same phonics sounds, so they can learn how to read them.

In Peppa Pig Phonics, there are stories about your favorite character, Peppa Pig, that you will enjoy.

The top phonics books for children

Bob Books

Bob Books

In the Bob Books, children learn how to read by reading simple books about phonics. In these small books, simple sentences and simple drawings are used to keep kids from getting distracted from the sentences and words.

Even though this series of books doesn’t cover all the skills you need to improve your phonics, it’s still a good way to learn about sounds with simple text and drawings. Plus, having a lot of books is fun for kids.

ThisReadingMama is a good place to find free printables for Bob Books. They have free printable books and worksheets to help your child remember the phonics they learned from Bob Books. Please note that we have no connection to thisreadingmama. We just think it’s a good source for free phonics books!

Storybooks from Primary Phonics

Storybooks from Primary Phonics teach simple phonics through the books they write. In the beginning, it starts with simple consonant sounds that can be sounded without vowels, which can be hard for young children to learn at the start. It may seem like the pictures and text are too simple, but it’s better to start teaching kids about phonics without a lot of beautiful pictures. Otherwise, they won’t be able to pay attention to the words.

In addition, the Primary Phonics books also have stories that can be read and “decoded” by kids. This lets them use their phonics skills to read and figure out the sounds in each word and sentence.

Usborne’s Very First Reading

There are a lot of good phonics books in Usborne’s Very First Reading set. It’s fun for both kids and their parents to read these books together. It has simple sentences that make it easy for kids to read phonics and fun illustrations that make the stories more interesting for them to look at.

Adults and older people can read more detailed stories on the left side of the page, and kids can read simple stories on the right side of the page. This is a fun feature. A lot of other phonics books don’t have this kind of interaction between the parent and the child while they read.

Also, Usborne Publishing is a well-known publishing company that makes a lot of books for kids.

Letterland Phonics

Letterl and Phonics

Letterland phonics is very well-liked and respected in the field of phonics, not just by parents but also by teachers. In a way, they set the gold standard for how phonics can be learned in a fun way through the letters that make up words (hence Letterland).

They have a set of phonics books that teach you how to make phonics sounds by making letters that look like animals. Other series go on to stories with phonics as the main point.

If you want a single source of phonics knowledge that can give you a lot of information about how to teach your child phonics, Letterland is the best place to start. Check out their YouTube videos as well. There are also fun videos.

Pete the Cat Phonics

Pete the Cat Phonics books are a set of 12 books that each focus on a different phonics sound. Each book tells a story about that sound. When it comes to the stories and sentences, they’re a little longer than simple three-letter words. It’s best for kids who can already read and need a fun and interesting book series to help them along.

Printables for your kids to color, fill in the blanks, match, mazes, memory games, rhyming, word games, and spot the difference are also available on their website. Amazon is where you can find the book, so look there.

Learn to Read Phonics Storybooks

To help kids learn to read, the Learn to Read Phonics Story Books are a set of 25 illustrated books with phonics lessons in them. During the time they are reading the fun stories, there are cute pictures for the kids to look at.

They also have two activities at the end of the book to practice the sounds they learned. At the current price of $12, this set of phonics books could be a good addition to your collection of books to read to your kids.

Oxford Learning Tree Floppy’s phonics

Floppy's Phonics Books by the Oxford Learning Tree

Floppy’s Phonics Books by the Oxford Learning Tree is a good addition to anyone who wants to learn how to read. If you buy this set, you get 48 books that are easy to read with phonics sentences, along with 5 activity books and 72 cards.

Children who read these Oxford learning books will also get a taste of the style of illustrations used in the books. This could lead to them reading other books by Oxford.

The Measured Mom Mini Phonics books

There is a free online tool for learning phonics called The Measured Mom. It has a very homey feel to it. You can learn about the sounds of the alphabet with their mini phonics books. The text is big enough for parents to help their kids learn them.

If you want to help your kids learn how to read, they also sell books at their store for a reasonable price. You can help them out by giving them money if you use a lot of their free online phonics resources to help your child learn.

A Beka Phonics Readers

For people who are just learning how to read, there is a series of simple books called A Beka Phonics Readers. These books are good for people who are just learning how to read (very young children). People who read this text will see a lot of words and sentences, but they will also see very simple words and sentences that focus on the CVC pattern (Consonant vowel consonant).

There are a lot of simple books for young kids, but they might be too easy for most other kids. So make sure to use these when your child is just starting to learn about phonics to help them feel more comfortable.

Reading a-z phonics series

Reading a-z is an online library of books and study aids that I found while teaching English as a second language a few years ago. They have a lot of online resources. Phonics books are built into the lessons. They also have read aloud books, sound/symbols books, flashcards, and more.

Also, they have thousands of books for kids online from their Reading A-Z site, as well as Writing A-Z (to improve writing skills), Vocabulary A-Z (to improve vocabulary), Science A-Z (to help with science skills), and more. It costs $115 per year now, but if you plan to use this as a main resource and print out a lot of their books, it’s worth it. Suppose you want to print out one book a week to read. If you pay $2.20 for each book, that’s $2.20 per book.

It was our goal to help you find the best phonics books for kids, so we put together this list of the best ones. To learn more about the phonics sounds of the letters a to z, check out our phonics resource page. It will give you a better idea of how to practice each letter.

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