14 Best Stickers Books For Toddlers Update 05/2022

Stickers Books For Toddlers

Best Stickers Books For Toddlers That You Should Reading

Sticker books are a great way to keep little hands and minds busy. Some of the best-known characters are in these activity books, and they’ll get kids’ imaginations going and help them learn as well.

Bluey: Meet Bluey! Sticker Activity Book (2021)

Bluey Meet Bluey Sticker Activity Book (2021)

Have you already met Bluey? There is a new sticker book based on the hit TV show. A lot of fun is ahead for Bluey and her family. They need your help with puzzles. It has everything from spot the difference to coloring pages, and it’s great for both new and long-time fan of Bluey.

Peppa Pig: Mermaids, Unicorns and Dragons Sticker Activity Book(2019)

This is the best sticker book for people who love all kinds of things about magic. Peppa Pig and George have asked Daddy Pig to help them turn their toy Horsey Twinkle Toes into a sparkling unicorn in this sticker activity book, which comes with more than 50 shiny foil stickers. In this book, you can learn how to make your own dragon paper chain.

Ricky Zoom: Ready, Steady, Go!(2021)

Over 100 stickers are in this book for people who like cars and want to go fast. Ricky Zoom and his friends can be found all over the pages of the book. They help little readers set up fun puzzles for the Bike Buddies. They can play Ricky Zoom: Ready, Steady, Go! for hours.

Top Wing: Extremo Primo! Sticker Activity Book(2019)

This fun activity book has puzzles for kids to solve. Cadets Rod, Swift, Penny, and Brody need help getting their wings, so it’s up to the little ones to help them with them. As well as sticker pages that are fun to do, there are coloring pages with the Top Wing characters on them. You should read this if you’re a fan of Nickelodeon’s well-known show.

Ladybird London: Sticker Activity(2019)

Ladybird London Sticker Activity(2019)

If you buy this sticker book, you can take your kids on a trip to London without having to leave the house. So many things to see! There are so many things to see! It has over 200 stickers, so young adventurers can explore and learn about the city in this book, which includes information about the most well-known landmarks in the capital city. People can draw and solve mazes, like one of the London Underground, as well.

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom: Magical Creatures(2019)

This sticker and activity book is based on the popular TV show. It’s full of fun things for kids to do. Follow Ben Elf and Princess Holly as they go on adventures through the kingdom of the little people. With the help of their imagination, young readers will be able to picnic with dragons, rescue a unicorn, visit the Land of Mermaids, and make their own magical creatures as well. Plus, this book comes with more than 100 stickers!

Princess Polly’s Potty Sticker Activity Book(2014)

If your child is going through potty training, why not have a friend to go along for the ride? With over 70 stickers, kids can follow Princess Polly’s journey as she moves out of nappies and learns to use a toilet. Afterward, kids can use a reward chart. Pirate Pete is also going through the same thing.

Peppa Pig: Peppa’s Underwater Friends (2021)

Peppa’s Underwater Friends is a must-have for people who agree that it’s better to be down where it’s wet. Peppa and her little brother, George, go to the ocean to find out what it’s like to live there. From underwater gardens and coral reefs to sea animals like narwhals and dolphins, these ocean-themed puzzles and activities are sure to be a hit with Peppa fans who like to do things in the water.

First Words: A Pirate Pete and Princess Polly Sticker Activity Book(2015)

First Words A Pirate Pete and Princess Polly Sticker Activity Book(2015)

Even Pirate Pete and Princess Polly are getting ready to say their first words! This book is the best thing to help them along the way. With more than 50 big stickers, little hands will have a lot of fun with them as they read the book. They will also improve their hand-eye coordination and their vocabulary. We’re going to start!

Sticker Book For The First 100 Words

This book has a lot of different stickers, as well as pages where your child can make something. It’s a great way for them to learn new words and improve their fine motor skills.

When your child is done with this sticker book, there are more in the series for him or her to enjoy (check out this animal theme sticker book, or this one for colors and shapes).

The stickers are big and easy for small hands to pick up, and matching the stickers to their shadow shapes helps with fine motor skills.

At The Zoo Sticker Book

All of Kumon’s books are aimed at young children. In this book, there are a lot of fun things you can do with your kids that also teach them a lot (and LOTS of adorable stickers, naturally).

Sticker Book “I Can Do That”

Sticker Book “I Can Do That”

Each page has stickers that the kids have to find in the book and move to the right place.

But I’m in love with the book’s clever early learning methods. Children who are two and three years old will have a lot of fun matching, putting things together, going through mazes, and putting together the picture.

Dinosaur Hidden Pictures Puffy Sticker Playscenes

The best thing about dinosaur puzzles and puffy stickers is that they go together. It’s a good idea for kids who like dinosaurs to look for hidden things in fun Hidden Pictures puzzles, as well as to solve other vivid, interesting picture puzzles. The puffy stickers that come with each scene can also be used to make each animal look unique. For example, Triceratops can wear a cap and T. rex can wear a beard. Prepare to have some fun from the past!

Time To Play!: A Sticker & Activity Book

There are over 80 stickers, games, puzzles, and more in Time to Play! for Bluey lovers. Bingo: Do you want to solve a maze with Bluey, or play Magic Claw with Bingo? Do you want to color with Snickers and Honey, or do you want to dress like Dad? This book is so fun that kids will want to do all of the things again.

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